The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America 

One happy day in my childhood I received my first public library card. It unlocked the wider world apart from my rural Amish existence allowing me to travel the world and across time. Since childhood I have always loved to read and still do today. 

In our current age of book bans the world's libraries are as vital as ever.

In addition to housing the knowledge and wisdom of the ages libraries serve as a community resource hub and where people can attain resources.

My books are banned by the Amish church for their secular (aka gay) content so I can personally attest to book bannings. 

To that end I have placed copies of my recent novella Long Lost Friend (Alien Buddha Press) with various libraries: 

The American Library in Paris

Little Free Library - 6 Mile & Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI. 

Loving You... After Dark

The Alien Buddha Loves You anthology is now available for purchase via Amazon! Includes my poems Unbutton the Shirt Slowly, After Hours and The Italian Bed

The Alien Buddha's Best of 2023

Look for Alien Buddha's Best of 2023 in December, I'm happy to be included! 

IceFloe Press: Motown Love Poem

My MOTOWN LOVE POEM has been published via IceFloe Press Geographies series (You can also find the poem in my collection Motor City Mix)!

Art: “detroit glitch & glitter” a visual poem by Robert Frede Kenter   

Not A Tame Lion (2022) documentary

When I was in my 20s clubbing I met someone who had known John Boswell and gave me a copy of his book. Probably the most important book I have ever read, really. 

Alien Buddha Zine #56 - Now Available!

Alien Buddha zine #56 is now available via Amazon

Fevers of the Mind Issue 8: Inspire Me


 Poetry & art inspired by Prince, Lana Del Rey, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Ava Gardner, Iggy Pop, Jack Kerouac, Meat Loaf, Portishead, John Keats, Gregory Corso, Beth Hart, The Cure, Morrissey, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly, The National, Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, KD Lang, Monet, Picasso, Walt Whitman, Burroughs, Joni Mitchell & more.

Interviews with Damon Krukowski (Damon & Naomi/Galaxie 500/Magic Hour), Jolie Holland, Britta Phillips (from 2022 Dean & Britta, Luna) Frank Watkinson (from 2022) & Franz Nicolay (Hold Steady,World/Inferno Friendship Society)

Contributors include: David L O'Nan, HilLesha O'Nan, Geoffrey Wren, Carla Sarett, Giuseppina Brandi, Margaret Vibolsittiseri, Jennifer Patino, Marisa Silva-Dunbar, rp Verlaine, Jackie Chou, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Sarah Wallis, Pasithea Chan, Monica Sharp, Matthew Freeman, Margaret Royall, Shine Ballard, Merritt Waldon, Mukund Gnanadesikan, Laura Grevel, Jeremy Limn, Dunstan Carter, Jared Morningstar, Ryan Keating, Lawrence Miles, Kevin Hibshman, Christina Strigas, James Schwartz, Nick Lacke, R.G. Evans, Clive Gresswell, Norb Aikin, Stephen Kingsnorth, Ethan McGuire, John Donley, Elizabeth Cusack

Plain Rainbows: Seth

A special episode of Plain Rainbows: LGBTQ Amish and Anabaptist Stories with special co-host Sam and guest Seth on his new book Finally Free!  

Roi Fainéant Press Merch! 👕 ☕

 I was honored to find a home for my poem "Birds" with Roi Fainéant Press back in April (issue 36 - Hips). Support indie lit! 

La Petite Bête   


 Happy LGBT History Month! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ #makinghistory #PlainRainbows 


Happy to donate a copy of 'Long Lost Friend' to the Detroit Public Library today! 

Happy Birthday to "Sunset in Rome"!


Released a year ago today from Alien Buddha Press  - Happy 1st birthday to my novella Sunset in Rome

Amish Romance Novels

Jack Kerouac Anthologies!

ON THE HIGHWAYS WITH MANY MILES... TO GO! Available via Amazon in a Deluxe Edition or Poet's Edition!  

Love Poems


Look for 3 love poems of mine (Unbutton the shirt slowly, After Hours, The Italian Bed) in the November 2023 anthology The Alien Buddha Loves You!

"Long Lost Friend" Book Party


Thank you to everyone who came out for our hybrid Long Lost Friend book release party, Peter Werbe reading and open mic night! It was magical! 

Summer Playlist & Poem


Celebrating summer with a new poem up (& Playlist)  at Fevers of the Mind lit journal!


Coffee with Friends: Amish Hexing + Chapter One of LONG LOST FRIEND!


Join my Plain Rainbows podcast co-host Mary Byler and I for a discussion on Long Lost Friend!
Episode available via YouTube, FB, Podbean, Spotify and wherever else you get your podcast fix!

Read Chapter One "Solomon's Secret" below! 

New & Recent Releases 📚

Aah August, the deepest part of summer! I have a beach read for my readers this year with my novella Long Lost Friend my follow up to Sunset in Rome and poetry / photography in several new anthologies! 

On the Highways With Miles... to go! Jack Kerouac and the Poets Edition 

Waltzin Through Rusty Cages (photography) 

On the Highways With Many Miles...To Go! Poetry & Art: Inspired by Jack Kerouac, Townes Van Zandt, Miles Davis & many more (Deluxe Edition)

Fevers of the Mind Poetry and Art Issue 6: the Empath Dies in the End 


I will be joining Coffee with Friends podcast tonight to discuss Long Lost Friend!  


 ON THE HIGHWAYS WITH MANY MILES... TO GO! anthology available soon!

This is writing and art inspired by Jack Kerouac, Townes Van Zandt, Miles Davis, Charles Bukowski, Chris Cornell, PJ Harvey, Marissa Nadler, Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, Loretta Lynn, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Gram Parsons, Elvis Costello and more.

Poets & artists included are Kushal Poddar, David L O’Nan, HilLesha O’Nan, Elizabeth Cusack, Giuseppina Brandi (art), Rp Verlaine, M F Drummy, James Schwartz, Joe Kidd, quotes from Ron Whitehead’s poem about Kerouac, Jackie Chou, Jeremy Limn, Spriha Kant, Jeffrey Mason, Diana Archdeacon, Abel Johnson Thundil, Joan Hawkins, John Guzlowski, excerpt from interview from 2021 with Michelle Marie Jacquot, visual piece from Maggs Vibo, Jared Morningstar, Jen Schneider, Pam Avoledo, Pasithea Chan, Whiskey Radish (poetry/art), Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Aaron Bowker, R.D. Johnson, Jeffrey Mason, DK Snyder, Christian Garduno, Lawrence Miles, Aaron Wiegert, Merritt Waldon, Kevin Crowe.

"Long Lost Friend" Press Kit


James Schwartz writes about truth, the grit of the Midwest, survival, life through perseverance of city life, depression, crimes and more. 

Now imagine writing through the aspect of someone growing up Amish and also gay.

James writes with truth, brutal at times and completely a great storyteller with amazing imagery.

- David L O'Nan of www.feversofthemind.com 

Sometimes the truth may be stranger than fiction. Superstitions may often abound in Amish country and communities. Some Amish culture is rich in superstitious lore as is Long Lost Friend. Thank you James. 

- Mary Byler, author of Reflections and Memories of an Amish Misfit: "My therapist says that’s not true, but I digress" 

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