The first episode of Plain Rainbows: LGBTQ Amish and Anabaptist Stories - (season 3) podcast is coming soon! Happy Pride! ๐ŸŒˆ 


Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Issue 6: The Empath Dies in The End

 My collab poem "Midwest Aesthetics" with David L. O'Nan is included in the newly released anthology Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Issue 6: The Empath Dies in the End

This edition of Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Issue 6: "The Empath Dies in the End" which includes collaboration pieces from poet/editor David L O'Nan that he constructed with other great poets & writers including Ron Whitehead, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Tony Brewer, R.M. Englehardt, Spriha Kant, John Drudge, Carson Pytell, Elizabeth Cusack, Amanda Crum, James Schwartz, Petar Penda. Also included is a photo prompt from K.P. DeLaney poetry/writings from Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Christian Garduno, Michael Igoe, Ethan O'Nan, HilLesha O'Nan, Pasithea Chan, Donna Dallas, Victoria Leigh Bennett, Kushal Poddar, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Peter Magliocco, Tova Beck-Friedman, Joan Hawkins, Lorna Wood, Vipanjeet Kaur, Matthew Freeman, Lesley Curwen, Merritt Waldon, Andrew Cyril MacDonald, Rp Verlaine, Oz Hardwick, Stephen Kingsnorth, K.G. Munro, Ava Tenn, Robert Pegel, Dee Allen, K Weber, Maria A. Arana, Aaron Wiegert, C.L. Liedekev, Jay Maria Simpson with artwork from her daughter Katy Simpson-Langley, staci-lee Sherwood, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jennifer Patino, John Grey, Rickey Rivers Jr, Duane L. Herrmann, Doryn Herbst, Mike Zone, Jessica Weyer-Bentley, John Zurn, Jeremy Limn, Lynn White, art prompt poetry inspired by Rene Magritte, John D. Robinson, Monica Sharp, James Lilley, Mykyta Ryzhykh, Gabriella Garofalo, Sandrijela Ksagic (translated by Petar Penda) Rachel Coventry, Gayle J. Greenlea, Anneka Chambers.

Thank you David L O'Nan, great to see our collaboration in book form! 

๐Ÿ–ค Love donations can be made via Cashapp @ $AmishDetroit 

๐Ÿ–ค If you are interested in my speaking at an Amish or LGBTQ event contact queeraspoetry (AT) gmail.com.

๐Ÿ–ค Due to circumstances The Literary Party blog will not be updated for awhile. 

The Alien Buddha Gets A Real Job 2 Anthology

 THE ALIEN BUDDHA GETS A REAL JOB 2 Anthology drops tomorrow on Amazon! Includes a work of literary labor by me. 

Amish America: What if you're Amish and Gay?

May Update

 Dear Readers,

I have a few updates to share with you! I am honored to collaborate with poet Joshua Merchant on 'POGUE' a duet-poem raising awareness on the LGBTQ Uganda crisis and published today via The New Verse News


Literary labor of mine is included in the Alien Buddha Press anthology The Alien Buddha Gets A Real Job 2, available soon! 


Selected poetry from The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America  


New Poetry


My latest poem "Birds" -a poem that conjures omens and grief- will be in the next edition (issue 36: "Hips") of Roi Fainรฉant Press! Out April 2nd! Happy National Poetry Month! 

Eat the Storms

 A companion episode of EAT THE STORMS POETRY PODCAST highlighting THE STORMS JOURNAL ISSUE 2 is now available! 

Plain Rainbows: Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month

#PlainRainbows3 will be OUT in June! For January, Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month, we just dropped a new episode! Find it on Podbean, Twitter @themisfitamish, FB/PlainRainbows and YouTube

The Storms Journal 2.18

 The Storms Journal issue #2 featuring a very Detroit photo by yours truly will launch February 18th! ICYMI: EAT THE STORMS POETRY PODCAST 


Only 7 days till our live Dublin launch but also only 11 nights till our International Live Zoom launch on Wednesday 22nd feb 7.30pm GMT

Join us in your living room to meet, cheer & listen to our contributors read 

Issue 2 is available to preorder at https://eatthestorms.com/2023/02/01/the-storms-issue-2/

Best of 2022

 "The Alien Buddha's Best of 2022" is now available in color print (35.99) and in black and white ($18.99).

links below: 

My Plain Rainbows: LGBTQ Amish and Anabaptist Stories podcast co-host Mary Byler's "Amish Misfit" memoir is also now available via Amazon:

2 seasons of Plain Rainbows podcast episodes are available via Facebook/PlainRainbows, Podbean and YouTube:

Lastly, January 2023 will see the launch of issue 2 of The Storms Journal which will include a very Detroit photo by yours truly!

I have been writing a few poems here and there when I have some downtime however no plans for a book yet!

Happy holidays and 2023! ๐Ÿฅ‚

Dispatch from Detroit #12: The Ruth Ellis Center


At the Ruth Ellis Clairmount Center mural! 

Literary Party with the Hobo King ๐Ÿš‚

 Late night literary party with the Hobo King 2021, Bazz! He has ridden 602 (& counting) cargo trains over 11 years! So happy to have met & spent Danksgiving with him.

You can find his poetry reading from "Sunset in Rome" on social media! 

Best of 2022

 The holiday season is upon us again so I am wishing you all festive tidings! 2022 was a productive year for my creative endeavors and it's not over yet! 

"Alien Buddha's Best of 2022" anthology will be available via Amazon December 15! Includes a poem from "Motor City Mix" and photo.

You can also find my poetry / writings at https://feversofthemind.com/ and in the following anthologies, all published this year! 

"Hard Rain Poetry: Forever Dylan" 

"Alien Buddha zine #35" 

"Psalms of the Alien Buddha 2" 

"Alien Buddha Skips the Party 2" 

"Alien Buddha's Microdoses" 

In addition to:  

"Motor City Mix" 

"Sunset in Rome" 

If you are interested in my previous work check out the Books page for a comprehensive list with links to purchase.

Popular titles include: 

"The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America" 

"Sweeter Voices Still: An LGBTQ Anthology from Middle America" 

What authors am I reading these days? Alex Dimitrov has a Substack now (https://alexdimitrov.substack.com/) and I loved loved loved "All Down Darkness Wide" by Seรกn Hewitt: 

Lastly I am rereading "Cleaness" by Garth Greenwell:

And of course the daily poetic take on the headlines at The New Verse News: 

My latest poem:

Happy reading!  

Goodreads Review: "Microdoses"

 Order your copy of the Alien Buddha Press anthology of micro lit here

Fevers Of The Mind: "The Artist Never Sleeps"

 You can read my short sketch "October Hardcover" in the Poetry Online Anthology "The Artist Never Sleeps" via FEVERS OF THE MIND

The Alien Buddha's Microdoses

Honored to have my 2 sentence short story "Cityscape" included in the new Alien Buddha Press anthology of micro lit "MICRODOSES", now available via Amazon! 

LGBT Books to Prisioners

 Happy to be donating a copy of SUNSET IN ROME to LGBT Books to Prisoners

"Midwest Aesthetics" Duet-Poem with David L O'Nan


Our collaborative poem "Midwest Aesthetics" is up at FEVERS OF THE MIND! From David L. O'Nan's series and forthcoming book of collaborative poetry "The Empath Dies in the End"! 

1. Michigan (James Schwartz)

Ruth Ellis,
The Great Blizzard of '78, 
Michael Moore, 

Sada Baby,

Gray sweatpants, 
Factory hours, 
Rivers of coffee, 
Biscuits and gravy, 

Gravel roads, 
Amish buggies bumping techno, 
Blueberry picking, 
Pumpkin patches, 

Model T Town,
Industrial Era hangover,
6 Mile sex workers, 
"Working on the night moves"... 

2. Indiana (David L O'Nan)

Larry Bird flat foot jumpers
The Great Blizzard of ‘78
The Ohio River flowing and suicide watches
Donald Trump really won 

On big trucks blasting rap music
Drive by white racists who justify using profanity
By lyrics, by tiktok
Elitists walk by you, the trash and the preppy

Wal-Mart days, Wal-Mart nights,
And speaking of nights, we had Bobby Knight
Now we’ve got memories of floods and tornadoes
We’ve got Holiday World.  

Gravel Roads,
The Meth Crisis to Fetanyl Crisis
David Letterman went to Ball State
Festivals in the fall. We eat garbage upon garbage and smile.

Vomiting in cornfields,
Hey Indianapolis,
Hey Gary, Hey the Jacksons, Hey nevermind.
Indy 500’s used to be a grandpa’s deam.

But I also know of Kentucky and I know of New Orleans
I the the hatred someone from Southern Indiana has
For a Kentuckian just a bridge away. 
With the same accent they mimic what they think is different, but really the same.

We’ve got Hoosiers
We’ve got Bloomington, actually a fine town
We’ve got Wineries  and
We’ve got Falling Rock Zones.

We’ve got an escape to New Harmony.  
A dystopian town for prayer.
Do we have Indiana Jones or that just a name?
We had James Dean and then he left to escape the curves around cornfields.

We’ve had Fairgrounds Coliseum Gas Explosions
We had Mike Pence and was saw him dispense.
We have John Mellencamp wandering around like Springsteen in New Jersey.
Dan Quayle, Dan Quayle, fuck that.  Steve McQueen , Steve McQueen.

Oh and don’t forget John Dillinger.
Don’t forget the programmed corn, the factories pounding out super pollution.
Steroid chickens,  9 mile Chic-Fil-A lines that tells you to have a good day.
While they racially judge you, while they investigate your sexual preference.

Well they never know that over half their staff is to be cautious and close to the closet.
All for those French fries that shape like waffles, chicken sandwich nights.
Super churches across from Super churches.
Envy the bully,  rampage the road, defeat the enemy, defeat the empathy. 

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