Dispatch from Hawaii #2

Aloha on a rainy night in Kapoho, Hawaii! I'm happy to share with you that I have been busy writing poetry with my Punatic pal Alexander aka Seth Speaks, more to come on that later. I feel so honored to collaborate with him on writing - you can check out his spoken word poetry below & if you are in (Hilo) Hawaii at Kukuau Studio monthly poetry slams. I've had a lot of fun with our poetry nights in Alexander’s jungle hut - a duet poem will be forthcoming!


Dispatch from Hawaii #1

Aloha from Kapoho, Hawaii! I've been living at a permaculture community since late April of this year so haven’t spent much time blogging! Mahalo to Kukuau Studio and GaiaYoga Gardens for allowing me to grace your stages- it was an honor to be able to share my poetry with you this year!

I'm so happy to see my essay The Zoo Bar published in the new anthology Our Happy Hours: LGBT Voices From the Gay Bars! I can't believe I have an essay in the same book as the amazing Lee Lynch - another honor. I'm truly humbled. 

In poetry news I'm included in the new Not My President: An Anthology of Dissent and have a poem in the fall issue of RFD Magazine! You can read the issue online here

Lastly, you can catch my Creative Thought "From Amish to Aloha" on YouTube and the August issue of Science of Mind Magazine! 


From Amish to Aloha

Mahalo East Hawaii Center for Spiritual Living for the warm welcome Sunday! I had fun delivering the Creative Thought "From Amish to Aloha" (available in the August 2017 issue of Science of Mind Magazine)!


Sunday Message - Rev. Libby O’Day

Mahalo Rev. Libby O’Day for your powerful, inspirational words!

Jacques Cousteau Country! 🌴

I recently joined the local Sierra Club for a hike to the sacred, mystical Green Lake, in Kapoho, Hawaii. Legend has it Jacques Cousteau dove to the bottom of the lake!


Statement on Charlottesville

Over the weekend I was horrified and disgusted to learn of what transpired in Charlottesville. America is for everyone and KKK / White Supremacists / Neo Nazis have no place in decent society.

We are living in an increasingly unstable times but I would like to take a moment to remind my readers (and myself) that America is the land of the free and home of the brave and that Love Trumps Hate!


Science of Mind Magazine - From Amish to Aloha

Blogging live from The Center for Spiritual Living East Hawaii, where I am volunteering today! Don't miss my piece "From Amish to Aloha" in the August issue of Science of Mind magazine!

"Riverside Meditation" #ReadingInTheRainforest 🌴

"Riverside Meditation" #READINGINTHERAINFOREST Aug 4th, 2017 (Gaia Yoga Gardens - Kapoho, Hawaii)

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