Statement on Charlottesville

Over the weekend I was horrified and disgusted to learn of what transpired in Charlottesville. America is for everyone and KKK / White Supremacists / Neo Nazis have no place in decent society.

We are living in an increasingly unstable times but I would like to take a moment to remind my readers (and myself) that America is the land of the free and home of the brave and that Love Trumps Hate!


Science of Mind Magazine - From Amish to Aloha

Blogging live from The Center for Spiritual Living East Hawaii, where I am volunteering today! Don't miss my piece "From Amish to Aloha" in the August issue of Science of Mind magazine!

"Riverside Meditation" #ReadingInTheRainforest 🌴

"Riverside Meditation" #READINGINTHERAINFOREST Aug 4th, 2017 (Gaia Yoga Gardens - Kapoho, Hawaii)


Walking Each Other Home

An inspiring Sunday Message from my favorite spiritual teacher Rev. Libby!


Poetry Reading @ Kukuau Studio 🎙🔥

Thank you Hilo for a lovely night! Read from The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America - Photos @ Kukuau Studio!


Hessler Street Fair anthology

My poem Sunshine On My Straw Hat will be available soon in the Hessler Street Fair anthology 2017!
Paperback available via above link above and Mac's Backs-Books on Coventry, an eBook edition also forthcoming!



Coming Soon!

Coming soon via Writing Knights Press: Hessler Street Anthology 2017 featuring my poem Sunshine On My Straw Hat!

Also: my poem A Drop of Water will be published in the forthcoming Thoughtcrime Press anthology Not My President, slated for a 4th of July release!

I will be reading poetry from QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology on an upcoming episode of Turning Tragedies into Triumphs: Stories and Conversations with Torah Bontrager! (Season 2 - Summer 2017) iTunes link

ICYMI: Secret of the Masters: An Interview with Poet Edward Field 


A New Chapter! 😍👏📚

A heartfelt thank you to my Readers, to begin. I've maintained The Literary Party blog for 5 years+ mainly posting book news, reviews, travel photos etc. When I was putting The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America together I was still living in the Amish farmhouse and used the local library to access the Internet. I meet my first book editor on Twitter and the rest is (literary) history!

Since then I've thrown myself into working on one book or project after another, although I don't feel like I've written enough. I want to take my time over the next year to write without a direction, and on essays, ideally.

Keep your eye out for the forthcoming anthology Our Happy Hours: LGBT Voices From the Gay Bars feat. my new non-fiction essay on Kalamazoo's legendary Zoo Bar.

I am going to take some down time from social media, blogging and do me, political snark on Twitter will have to go on without me! I'm ready for  new chapters!

This Poetry Month I've been reading the Beats, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Walt Whitman and beautifully crafted short stories by W. Somerset Maugham and Willa Cather. Stirring that desire to write! On the farm I did so nightly after work, burning the midnight oil with Byron, Cavafy, Thom Gunn, Hart Crane etc.
I am old school, I like to hibernate with my writing and editing takes time as well.
I will update this blog when I can (a few projects in the works) thank you again everyone for reading. Spring is here at last in Michigan - snow tomorrow!

THE LITERARY PARTY FB PAGE Twitter: @queeraspoetry 


#NPM17: "Coffee Soup" 🍵

Greetings on a blustery, rainy day in "river country" Michigan! National Poetry Month continues... warm up with my Amish "recipe poem" that was originally published in Poetry 4 Food 2 fourplay (Writing Knights Press)!


by James Schwartz

Pour mug of freshly brewed coffee into bowl.
Add creamer / sugar to taste.
Saltines optional.
Side of cheddar optional.
Served since my childhood...

Amish kitchen optional.

* Note: my poem Sunshine On My Straw Hat will be reprinted in the 2017 Hessler Street anthology from Writing Knights Press which will be made available later this year.
Author photo for Poetry 4 Food 2 


Diversity Rules Magazine: Pete Buttigieg Was the Real DNC Winner

I've been working on several political essays, namely on the future of the Democratic Party. Here is my latest via Diversity Rules Magazine blog: The Happy Warrior, Pete Buttigieg Was the Real DNC Winner


S1Ep4: James Schwartz on the Burning Question Every Amish Person Faces and the Need for an Amish Underground Railroad

ICYMI: Part 1
Happy (BELATED!) International Women's Day!
Via Torah Bontrager:

An Amish Girl in Manhattan: A Memoir (3 New Podcast Episodes going LIVE on iTunes & website tonight 9-10pm ET). In honor of International Women's Day, a special shoutout to the remarkable, strong women featured in our first season who've kicked ass to take back their freedom and evolve themselves into better beings. And to the women kicking ass behind the scenes to produce this weekly.
A special call to all Amish women: Be Bold For Change!#AmishWomenBoldForChange We need to empower ourselves, steal back the freedom that was stolen from us at birth and say "no more". No more rape, no more abuse, no more less-than-second-class citizenry within our own community/nation. We have rights and we need to demand--and ensure--that those rights are honored. Find that voice deep down inside you that got destroyed on the day you were born, simply just because you happened to have the "wrong" body.
NOTE: This is not an anti-male message and it should not be misconstrued to be that. Males were the ones who helped me the most in starting my trauma healing work. I am forever grateful to those men who came into my life and played pivotal roles throughout my long journey. My call in this post is for the women to STEP UP, SPEAK OUT and NEVER BACK DOWN from your truth. Find that fire inside you, those embers that you thought died out long ago.

"Turning Tragedies into Triumphs: Stories & Conversations with Torah Bontrager"
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S1Ep4: James Schwartz on the Burning Question Every Amish Person Faces and the Need for an Amish Underground Railroad