Amish / Mennonite Ukraine Connection

Sadly, as the Ukraine war continues we all find ourselves to be living in a time of  global conflicts and war. I pray for peace! To address the Ukraine / Mennonite connection, answer several questions on this topic. 

No Amish live in Ukraine only Mennonites. You can find The Ukraine Mennonite Centre (with updates) here. A recent article can be read here

Recent articles on the Mennonites in Ukraine can be found herehere and here

Donations can be made here.

Various branches of the Mennonite Church have issued statements calling for peace however the Amish Church has not and will not as they're "separate from the world." Same as WW2. That is not to say they are not supporting our Mennonite "cousins" with donations, prayers. Still, a public statement would be appreciated as their silence is interpreted as apathetic. I hope to see ex-Amish with podcasts, public platforms speaking out for peace. 

Thank you Marginal Mennonite Society for doing so! 

I also recommend checking out the classic Anabaptist novel Peace Shall Destroy Many.

My co-host Mary Byler and I are recording episodes of our podcast Plain Rainbows: LGBTQ Amish and Anabaptist Stories season 2 and agree it is vital to address Ukraine and Anabaptist including LGBTQ Anabaptist in politically volatile places around the world. 

Please join me in prayers, meditations for peace

Writers for Democratic Action joint statement 

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