The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America 

One happy day in my childhood I received my first public library card. It unlocked the wider world apart from my rural Amish existence allowing me to travel the world and across time. Since childhood I have always loved to read and still do today. 

In our current age of book bans the world's libraries are as vital as ever.

In addition to housing the knowledge and wisdom of the ages libraries serve as a community resource hub and where people can attain resources.

My books are banned by the Amish church for their secular (aka gay) content so I can personally attest to book bannings. 

To that end I have placed copies of my recent novella Long Lost Friend (Alien Buddha Press) with various libraries: 

                                            The American Library in Paris 

Little Free Library - 6 Mile & Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI. 

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