Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Issue 6: The Empath Dies in The End

 My collab poem "Midwest Aesthetics" with David L. O'Nan is included in the newly released anthology Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Issue 6: The Empath Dies in the End

This edition of Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Issue 6: "The Empath Dies in the End" which includes collaboration pieces from poet/editor David L O'Nan that he constructed with other great poets & writers including Ron Whitehead, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Tony Brewer, R.M. Englehardt, Spriha Kant, John Drudge, Carson Pytell, Elizabeth Cusack, Amanda Crum, James Schwartz, Petar Penda. Also included is a photo prompt from K.P. DeLaney poetry/writings from Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Christian Garduno, Michael Igoe, Ethan O'Nan, HilLesha O'Nan, Pasithea Chan, Donna Dallas, Victoria Leigh Bennett, Kushal Poddar, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Peter Magliocco, Tova Beck-Friedman, Joan Hawkins, Lorna Wood, Vipanjeet Kaur, Matthew Freeman, Lesley Curwen, Merritt Waldon, Andrew Cyril MacDonald, Rp Verlaine, Oz Hardwick, Stephen Kingsnorth, K.G. Munro, Ava Tenn, Robert Pegel, Dee Allen, K Weber, Maria A. Arana, Aaron Wiegert, C.L. Liedekev, Jay Maria Simpson with artwork from her daughter Katy Simpson-Langley, staci-lee Sherwood, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jennifer Patino, John Grey, Rickey Rivers Jr, Duane L. Herrmann, Doryn Herbst, Mike Zone, Jessica Weyer-Bentley, John Zurn, Jeremy Limn, Lynn White, art prompt poetry inspired by Rene Magritte, John D. Robinson, Monica Sharp, James Lilley, Mykyta Ryzhykh, Gabriella Garofalo, Sandrijela Ksagic (translated by Petar Penda) Rachel Coventry, Gayle J. Greenlea, Anneka Chambers.

Thank you David L O'Nan, great to see our collaboration in book form! 

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