Best of 2022

 The holiday season is upon us again so I am wishing you all festive tidings! 2022 was a productive year for my creative endeavors and it's not over yet! 

"Alien Buddha's Best of 2022" anthology will be available via Amazon December 15! Includes a poem from "Motor City Mix" and photo.

You can also find my poetry / writings at and in the following anthologies, all published this year! 

"Hard Rain Poetry: Forever Dylan" 

"Alien Buddha zine #35" 

"Psalms of the Alien Buddha 2" 

"Alien Buddha Skips the Party 2" 

"Alien Buddha's Microdoses" 

In addition to:  

"Motor City Mix" 

"Sunset in Rome" 

If you are interested in my previous work check out the Books page for a comprehensive list with links to purchase.

Popular titles include: 

"The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America" 

"Sweeter Voices Still: An LGBTQ Anthology from Middle America" 

What authors am I reading these days? Alex Dimitrov has a Substack now ( and I loved loved loved "All Down Darkness Wide" by Seรกn Hewitt: 

Lastly I am rereading "Cleaness" by Garth Greenwell:

And of course the daily poetic take on the headlines at The New Verse News: 

My latest poem:  

Happy reading!  

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