Dispatch from Detroit

Happy to be here! 

"The Universe Building - U.I.O. is a project space that dates back all the way to post-Katrina disaster relief efforts with emergency communities in the Lower Ninth Ward/French Quarter in New Orleans near Dr. Bob's folk art since about 2006 and more recently near the former Fireweed Universe City artist village and is now registered as a non-profit 501 c-3 that stands for the Universal Intentional Organization. We have been establishing this intentional community project space here in Detroit, Michigan for nearly 7 years now after we first obtained permission for the project after July of 2013 following the closing of our beloved Bike Co-op a.k.a. Red Planet Collective or Smokes Bike Shop in 2012. Our permaculture efforts here are to create recycling & performing arts center and to develop cooperative behavior and activist solidarity near Dr. Bob's Psychedelic Healing Shack. Open to intentional community involvement through volunteer grassroots organizing & consensus building to encourage local independence & opportunity for our one human family. Our main focus as of now is restoration work the building of 1. East Montana Street and the Intentional House near what was known as the Goldengate Restoration Project and Occupy Detroit headquarters into a cooperative space for artists, travelers, musicians, writers, and volunteers. We are opening a cooperatively owned bakery coffee shop, U.I.O. radio station, d.i.y. print shop and art commons, rebuild Detroit center upcyclery & thrift/restore, a performing arts venue, our Jupiter IV school bus, a fire spinning and film theater & much more ! We hold community space by suggested donation only for events, workshops & meetings also. Activities held at this building are supported by this community organizational efforts to restore the building & revitalization here in Detroit city."

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