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#DisruptingHistory Reclaiming Our Amish Story!

Disrupting History: Reclaiming Our Amish Story conference in Sept is history in the making! For the first time EVER, Amish will be gathering outside the church to discuss issues, the future! Grab your tickets now! #changeiscoming

Watch a full episode of The Amish Entrepreneur Show

Mennonite World Review article

The Amish Heritage Foundation

Coming Soon...

Aloha from Puna, Hawaii (post Kilauea eruption, post Hurricane Lane)! I'm happy to announce several projects in the works! First up, my poem "Punatic" is now available via Writing Knights Press' litmag The Wayward Sword: Grand Showcase 2018!

My fourth poetry collection PUNATIC: Poems from Puna, Hawaii  is coming soon from Writing Knights! 100% of my author proceeds will be donated to Puna relief efforts!

Just in! I will be guesting on this fall! Im hoping to contribute to meaningful dialogue on LGBT Amish issues!

I have called the Big Island of Hawaii home for nearly a year and a half now and love it here. Puna is truly a spiritual mecca! I love studying Hawaiian literature, history, literature and poetry! 

Recommended Reading:

The Bowl of Light by Hank Wesselman 

Kahuna of Light by Moke Kupihea 

Wise Secrets of Aloha by Harry Jim 

I'm also very happy to support "Disrupting History: Reclaiming Our Amish Story" conference (Sept.) - see 

Grand Showcase 2018

The new Writing Knights Press litmag Grand Showcase which includes my poem "Punatic" is now available!


Paniolo Country! 🐎

Dispatch from Waimea, Hawaii!