The Worst Places In America I Have Visited

Spent some time watching the America Unboxed channel. Of course I have my own opinions but overall I have been to some not-that-great places in the US over the years. I currently reside in the vicinity of #2 and #6 in above video Worst Places to Live in Michigan but I love it here. The America Unboxed channel has made me consider out of all the places in the US, which did I like least? 

Michigan is home, whether it is rural Michigan which is picturesque with a lot of rivers and lakes and long gravel roads or the cities. Yes, I have been to Flint. 

FLORIDA... I loved living in Tallahassee, I loved visiting Key West and St. Augustine... Jacksonville not so much. This was way back in 2005 and I mostly saw clubs like Brothers which were ok. The best part was Jacksonville's beaches. 

HAWAII... was not a dream destination of mine, in fact I knew very little about the islands before moving to Puna in 2017. I loved living there and will always be a Punatic at heart!
Why leave? When it is time to continue your journey you know. 

PENNSYLVANIA... I could have grown up in "Rome" but did not. Thankfully. Just kidding PA! Seriously don't expect me to move to Lancaster any time soon. 

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