"Arrival & Departure" EXCERPT #NationalPoetryMonth


 "Morning in Michigan" 

His stubbed jaw in the dawn. 

His sleepy, knowing smirk.

 Empty bottles, echoes of laughter. 

Pinnacle and piercing positions. 

The sounds of humming vending machines and maids. 

Drift down dim hallways. 

Outside semis lumber onto I80/90.

 Factory workers and farmers breakfast. 

Alone, driving home. 

Drive-through coffee, and miles to go.

"Christ in Ukraine"

Out of the closet, into the street.

 Vladimir Putin is coming for you. 

Tonight Christ walks in Ukraine. 

Tonight revolution after the rain.

 My lover’s ass shifts under his jeans.

 Resolution in his gaze.

 He is so fine in the candle-light.

 My savior with his whiskey breath.

 Behind his balaclava.

"Of Bergholz Bondage"

Sam Mullet and the Bergholz clan,
Of the Gaddafi sort you understand,
Snipping the symbols of the church rejected,
As the Old Order status quo disrespected.

The breaking of the Bergholz branch,
The Federal raiding of the renegade ranch,
Dictators unrepentant too proud in fact,
To inquire of the Matthew Shepard-James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act.


 On the road and on the prowl, James Schwartz delivers an explosive manifesto of personal liberation and revolution, from the Amish communities of Michigan to Putin’s bloody regime in Russia.” 

– CHER GUEVARA, poet / freelance journalist

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