OU #1

Overground Underground #1 is out now!

68 pages of poetry, short fiction, visual poetry, art, photography, and various in-betweens, from some of the most exciting international writers and artists working today. Available in both print and ebook editions.  50% of profits will be donated to YoungMinds children's mental health charity. 

Featuring work from Cailey Rizzo,  Katy Haas, Kat Payne Ware, Declan Toohey, James Schwartz, Mark Goodwin, Emiliano Russianey, Toby Mercer, Lucy Duffell, Thomas M. Tayler, Thomas Crofts, Ian Seed, Gregory Betts, Dan Pounds, Helen Frank, Poppy Cockburn, Emyr Payne, E. Fraser, Mark Bolsover, Izzy Edwards, CDN Warren, Richard Capener, Gareth E. Davis, Matthew Thomas Smith, Nicola Jane Page, Hannah Star Rogers, kerry rawlinson, Claire Orchard, Wilson Koewing, David O’Connor, Dale Cooper Whitfield, Rae Joyce, Rue Baldry, Richard Biddle and Kieran Johns.

OU #1



* Featuring my new pandemic poem "After Making Love to Emmanuel Macron in a Quarantined Paris"!