The Anabaptist Spirit

"Defund the Police" is Deeply Anabaptist is a must read article that I recently came across. One of my ongoing projects is studying Anabaptist history. I am amazed at how today's ex-Amish have more in common with the Catholic church-state it once opposed than its own roots.

Today the majority of ex-Amish people support right wing political propaganda and Republican party candidates, at direct odds with their own historical spiritual tenants and values i.e. non-political engagement. 

What other cultures are watching their faith being hijacked by other forces with anti-democratic agendas (in this case  Evangelicals, Southern Baptists and the NRA)? 

Anabaptists were once considered to be so radical they were persecuted by the church and even other Protestants. Sit with that for a moment. 

Today we see the Mennonite Church schism over gay rights and the Amish Church leaders choosing non-engagement and shunning their LGBT minority. Even during a pandemic! 

Today we see the Mennonite Church helping separated families at the border while Amish attend Trump rallies chanting Build the Wall. 

Today we see the Amish ask Native Americans for forgiveness for their historical land theft yet refuse to give any land back. The Amish could know... go back to where they came from! How about it Switzerland? Germany? France? We are Trump refugees. 

Via @ndncollective: Movement Elder, Faith Spotted Eagle: "If you are a U.S. Citizen, you are a treaty signer. So, you, have a part to play w/ the treaties. You have to demand that the U.S. Gov. live up to the treaties. These are not dormant documents. As I speak to you, you are a treaty enforcer." 

This is a time of justice and those of us under the Anabaptist umbrella need to participate in this moment. The silence from both the Mennonite Church and the Amish during WW2 must never be forgotten or repeated.


How far we have strayed from our ancestors! 



Now is the time for reflection and reformation. A time to acknowledge we benefit from the white supremacist system and publicly proclaim Black Lives Matter. A time to honor treaties and give #Landback2020. A time to honor our own ancestors and realign with their values. A time to recognize errors and move forward in truth. A time to share our history and learn from it.