Happy National Poetry Month - my new poem "Gay Love in the Time of COVID-19" is now available in the new POETRY in the TIME of CORONAVIRUS: The Anthology! Proceeds benefit coronavirus relief efforts.

POETRY in the TIME of CORONAVIRUS is an anthology of original submissions from the Poets of the World. Proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders and Partners In Health - two outstanding organizations supporting the fight against COVID-19 and countless other global health issues. 

Please follow @p_i_t_t_o_c on Instagram to meet many of the poets who generously committed themselves to this charitable effort with their profound creative voices. We dedicate this project to all of the healthcare professionals tasked with treating the victims of Coronavirus. As well, our community of poets extends its compassion and love to all who have been affected by this terrible pandemic. Thank you for supporting our small effort to make a positive difference during this tenuous time. Edited by G.A. Cuddy with valued assistance from Liz Kobak. Cover art by Charlotte Knauth. Contributors: Melanie Maxey, April Leavenworth, Alison Hurwitz, Erica Klarreich, Declan Boyle, Mark Gibbons, Noelle Butkevic, Allan Safarik, Robert Lee, Mark Creavan, Joey Kent, Austin Benson, Patty Lovell, John Paul, Jean Scott, Carmen Micsa, Elizabeth Rogan, Sheri Knauth, Charlotte Knauth, Linda M. Crate, Graeme Beale, Sukhy Parhar, James Schwartz, Sandra Fox Murphy, Taylor Bruce, Paul Cowan, Jerry Gonzalez, Shaun Gant, Luanne Castle, Robert Lonsdale, A.J. Chilson, Kimberly Stowe Green, Andrew Dawson, Matt Nagin, Lewis Trotter, Elizabeth Foster, Priyanka Sacheti, Julie Hale, Chloe Graves, Kayla Graves, Liz Kobak, Susan J. Farese, Devon Weis, Tanya Palacios, Buddila, Siddhant Pardesi, Toni Halseth, Sandra Frye, Teri Gruenwald, Conrad NN, Frankie Acosta, Kendra Stanton Lee, Tony Grand, Peggy Gerber, Judy Lewis, Benedikt Pavolvsky, Alan Weltzien, Margaret Seven Wellman, Shardae Rudel, Moeze Lalji, James Douglas, Keerthana Dhakshinamoorthy, Becky Simmons, Yvonne Glasgow, Josh Massey, Madison Zehmer, Tianna G. Hansen, Maureen Barron, Sharon Simon, Chirayu Writer, Sameer Agrawal, Aldo Quagliotti, Jen Chicheseter, Jamie Murray, (Ren, b.), Ava Motes, Melissa Felson, Dr. Pallavi Narayan, Anonymous Girl (Shreveport, LA), Ajao Abdulqowiyy, Molly Shem Lynch, Bolawa Sunday Ojo, Gerald Wickham, Valerie Fern, Stacy Potter, Melissa Gill, LQ McDonald III, Laura Ogden, Eleanora Hristova, Serene Bavis, Anjuna, Dr. Dan Milner, Kshitij Thakkar, Dwiki Nugroho Mukti, Sito Fossy Biosa, Candra Prasetiyo Wibowo, Alex R. Hein, Airea Johnson, Taya Franco, Debarshi Mitra, Jeanette C. Vigliotti, Shineth Anne, Pamela Sumners, Manshur Zikri, Jennifer Lemming, Madison Gordon, Stephen Watt, John Evan Patrick, John Morgan, Lisa Nelson, Nicolas Correa, Marie Johnson-Ladson, Ahren Lehnert, Matt Steele, Peter Clive, Emily Simon, Gerry Whyte, Katie Elizabeth, Champagne Writers (Candace A. Williams, DiAna Smith-Brown, and Peggy Gerber), Kate Garrett, Lynn Ungar, T.L. White, B. (@sexinthe6ixblog on Instagram), Christopher Kent, Marc Beaudin, Shelby Clark, Christopher Kent, Abigail Tabor, Simon Medhurst, Theresa Bastian, Jayda Louise, Andi Talbot, Joelle P., Patrick Hart, Jen Hughes, Ross Wilcox, Chloe Hanks, Neel Trivedi, S.A. Mobley, Sara C. Marron, Kari Rittoo, Gayle Smith, H.C. Anhalt, and Isabel Morgan.