HOPE πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 🏳️‍🌈

Yesterday the big news was, of course, Barack Obama's endorsement of Joe Biden:

Growing up Amish in the 80s / 90s (without TV and before social media) I knew little about politics. When I came of age I realized the old adage that one might not take an interest in politics but politics will take an interest in you.

My father and I took an Amish tourist trip to Washington DC one summer so I got to see the Mall, the Petersen house etc. The highlight of the trip was on the way home when I got on the mic and entertained the bus load of Amish by reading political trivia questions from a book purchased at a gift shop. No one knew much but Presidents and politics but a good time was had by all.

As a gay man there was only one party supporting LGBTQ rights and that was the Democratic party. I remember feeling shocked that some of my non-Amish family voted for the other party simply because they were against marriage equality. You cannot change some people's hearts but you do have the power of your vote.

Since the 2016 election it has been clear the other party is not interested in building on the progress made by Obama and more interested in moving backwards not forward.
If you have a party that is in power but has no interest in serving We The People you have a problem: one after the other.
In the recent primary I was proud to vote for Bernie Sanders who is truly an American hero. I loved Mayor Pete Buttigieg's historical campaign and am a proud member of the Yang Gang: in short I was seeing my interests as a gay man being advocated for again.

Hope is on the ballot in 2020 and if I am alive in November I will be voting for hope, not chaos and division.