Quarantine Journal: #1 ☣

Quarantine life has been productive so far! I have several poems and an essay scheduled for publication soon! Fun fact: when I complete a poem, essay, book etc. I completely lose interest in it and only promote it as it is only fair to the editor, journal or publisher to do so.

After an experimental 5 episode mini season of The Gay Amish Podcast I lost interest in it entirely although I received a lot of positive feedback from you guys. Thank you!

I am hoping to launch a full season by this summer.

Perhaps my lack of focus extends to other areas in my life as well - shout out to my exes!

I left the Amish Church in my late teens and it was a long time until I found the Center for Spiritual Living which I attended for 3 years.
"Wherever you are on your spiritual path you are welcome here."

While this may or may not be a surprise to you I have decided to convert to Buddhism which is truly a source of comfort and peace to me, something Christianity never did.

 I caused a hoo ha during an episode of The #GayAmishPodcast when I blithely stated that only Roman Catholics were real Christians, Protestants being a devolution and like Coca-Cola: ain't nothing like the real thing baby!

During my time in Puna, Hawaii I discovered the gospel of Hale Makua which was a Truth I had always been searching for. Ironically I first read the book while living in the Kapoho rainforest, literally a mile from where the great kahuna once resided until his passing. While I read the book a gecko lizard watched me intently - Native Hawaiians will understand the significance of this.

I  believe there are no accidents in life and that our ancestors guide us in our journey. I am reminded of the right-wing conservative Bible thumpers I knew growing up in Michigan, who weaponized Christianity and to call them zealots would not be an understatement.

Faith is something personal and between you and the Universe, not a Facebook meme that ridicules other faiths.

Now I am under the tutelage of Buddha! It is all part of my dharma and I walk in gratitude. We are living in a time of great change and I feel joyful in embracing the mystery.