A Personal Plea to Amish: Take #COVID19 Seriously! ☣

Tonight I read THIS ARTICLE completely horrified! I am appalled at the  responses by the Amish individuals quoted in the Lancaster Online article and unless you begin taking the coronavirus seriously there will be a lot of deaths in the community. The coronavirus does not care about your political views and your consumption of conservative media will lead to a) apathy to your community at large, b) misinformation and c) risking the health of all! The measles epidemic several years ago should be a lesson learned the hard way. Yet today many Amish still refuse to be vaccinated because they don't have to.

While lockdowns in cities may not affect you, make no mistake: this very lethal virus is already in your state and in circulation. Refusing to follow CDC GUIDELINES will be a catastrophe and result in many illnesses and deaths.

On a personal note:
Over the years I have worked very hard to inform Amish on LGBT issues and combat homophobia within the church, as well as supporting LGBTQ+ Amish shunned by the church.

My former community in Michigan saw firsthand my long term relationship with a man that was by my side during the last years of my Dad's life when I was his caretaker. He stood by and supported me when others did not. That's love and all love is holy.

I do not have any patience for the toxic and harmful rightwing conservatism that Evangelicals and others have pushed into our Amish belief system and that is at odds with our Anabaptist ancestors.

I have always been a rebel to be sure but I have more in common with our forefathers than the Amish church-state today which sits not on our Swiss / European homelands but on stolen Native American lands.
Reforms are long overdue in the Old Order Amish Church which mirrors the Catholic church-state it once opposed. This stems from our Bishops love of power. God doesn't make mistakes.

There have been plagues since Biblical times, the 1918 SPANISH FLU even affected our communities. Today we live in a more advanced time but viruses kill and again: the new coronavirus is in circulation.
Instead of ignoring health professionals, heed their advice and recommendations! This is deadly serious and affects all of us: gay, straight, Amish, non-Amish. All of us! This is not a joke!

I have a large number of Amish, ex Amish and Mennonite readers so I hope this reaches you all before the coronavirus. Stay safe!