LGBTQ+ Amish In the News!

Several important articles have been published highlighting LGBTQ+ Amish, a big deal as this happens very rarely! Torah Bontrager's The limits of religious freedom: America must come to grips with when faith groups limit personal liberty is up at New York Daily News and When Religious Liberty Means Child Abuse via Medium.

* My newest piece for The Good Men Project has been published, addressing Amish historical trauma: Trauma and Trump: The Rise of Amish Authoritarianism. PLEASE NOTE: The Amish man who issued the apology to Israel does not speak for the Old Order Amish, I am told his church is an offshoot. One of the problems within the Amish is there is no clear structure like say the Roman Catholic Church.

It is my hope the Amish (and offshoot branches) address historical trauma to begin healing. As James Baldwin notes: People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.

I recently sat down with The Forbidden Apple Podcast to discuss LGBTQ+ Amish issues, which will debut in 2 Sundays!

I also have made a number of short pieces available as Kindle singles including my short story "Amish Road Trip" and "Alpine Suite"! You're welcome!