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October Update!

Aloha! A quick update:

My latest #BigIslandBeatnik column for #PunaNews is up! Click here!

I have a new poem via Poetry24 and am very happy to announce I have a new poem slated for Lovejets: Queer Male Poets on 200 Years of Walt Whitman via Squares and Rebels Press, next year!

My poetry collection PUNATIC will be out soon, stay tuned!


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Jacques Cousteau Country! 🌴

I recently joined the local Sierra Club for a hike to the sacred, mystical Green Lake, in Kapoho, Hawaii. Legend has it Jacques Cousteau dove to the bottom of the lake!

Gaia: A Duet Poem by James Schwartz & Seth Speaks 🌎

Note: I'm happy to let my readers know I've written a chapbook of Hawaii themed poems, more on that later this year! In the meantime, here's a preview: an "organic" duet poem written with spoken word poet, performer Seth Speaks!

Gaia: A Duet Poem 🌋 by James Schwartz & Alexander Chandrea (AKA 
Seth Speaks) 🎙

Sweet Puna & Pele here we are,
It took many years to travel so far,
On our own with nothing to lose,
Only battered memories of gay sex & booze,

James, my brother
Troubles roll by, soul is soothed
When we stand before great mother now brother
We’ve made it this far
Don’t let past distract from her stars

Sweet Gaia in our sandals we trod thy lava,
On Rimbaud’s birthday raising shells of kava,
A toast to the rebels in sacred land,
I’ll take Hart Crane in heart & hand.

Fire, Fire on the land
Fire, Fire with one demand 
Raise vibration, love creation
Spread appreciation,
See Pele’s fiya 
Listen to the rhyme, malama to the aina.

We make our way through sugar ca…

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