S1Ep4: James Schwartz on the Burning Question Every Amish Person Faces and the Need for an Amish Underground Railroad

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Happy (BELATED!) International Women's Day!
Via Torah Bontrager:

An Amish Girl in Manhattan: A Memoir (3 New Podcast Episodes going LIVE on iTunes & website tonight 9-10pm ET). In honor of International Women's Day, a special shoutout to the remarkable, strong women featured in our first season who've kicked ass to take back their freedom and evolve themselves into better beings. And to the women kicking ass behind the scenes to produce this weekly.
A special call to all Amish women: Be Bold For Change!#AmishWomenBoldForChange We need to empower ourselves, steal back the freedom that was stolen from us at birth and say "no more". No more rape, no more abuse, no more less-than-second-class citizenry within our own community/nation. We have rights and we need to demand--and ensure--that those rights are honored. Find that voice deep down inside you that got destroyed on the day you were born, simply just because you happened to have the "wrong" body.
NOTE: This is not an anti-male message and it should not be misconstrued to be that. Males were the ones who helped me the most in starting my trauma healing work. I am forever grateful to those men who came into my life and played pivotal roles throughout my long journey. My call in this post is for the women to STEP UP, SPEAK OUT and NEVER BACK DOWN from your truth. Find that fire inside you, those embers that you thought died out long ago.

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S1Ep4: James Schwartz on the Burning Question Every Amish Person Faces and the Need for an Amish Underground Railroad 

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